Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Shawl Times Two

I finished the triangular garter stitch shawl last night. It is made from the hand-painted Silky Mulberry Sweaterkits yarn I bought at the Knitter's Fair and has a picot edging. I'm not that thrilled with garter stitch but I think it turned out all right.
I also blocked the second Sekku Dianna shawl. It turned out well.
I painted the deck boards today.  There was a small crisis when I first opened the can of paint. It wasn't the right stuff! Skip had bought it on Saturday and bought brown stain instead of the transparent cedar deck sealer. I wasn't sure if he had screwed up or had decided to do it the different colour but I made the executive decision to get the right paint. Fortunately the stuff Skip had bought was not a special tint so it was easily exchanged. I was annoyed to have to drive across two towns to the paint store, thus wasting valuable painting time.  But only took a couple of hours to finish the job and it looks great! When Skip got home, he hadn't decided to do a different colour - he had just guessed last Saturday at the paint store rather than read the colour off the leftover can from the last treatment. Of course, he doesn't carry his cell phone nor turn it on. Except when he wants to use it. Ah the joys of married life! I guess if that's the most annoying thing that's happened in the last while, I'm doing pretty well.

Tomorrow I hope to get the top rail painted and a second coat on the other horizontal rails. It's a pretty big job to prep the deck but the actual painting doesn't really take that long. I like to paint. I think it's because it looks so darned good when it's finished and it stays looking good for quite a while.

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