Sunday, 31 October 2010

All Hallow's Eve

Our Hallowe'en decorating this year is quite understated. Basically I have assembled some characters in my 'Pumpkin Patch' in our foyer. I buy a little Beanie or two every year in the fall at a Cracker Barrel in the US. This year's acquisitions were the little Beanie jack o' lantern (left front) and the black bat to the left (look for an orange nose and white fangs). The lovely collage on the wall was a gift from our friend, Terence, who among other things is very artsy.
Skip has scraped out the innards of our pumpkins so I still need to carve my jack o' lantern. I'll be surfing the Internet for a template of some kind.

Yesterday Jennifer asked me what I bought at the Trillium Embroidery Guild's 'garage sale' on Wednesday and I couldn't think of any one specific thing other than some Hardanger and Christmas charts. So here they are...

The one on the top left is an authentic German Hardanger pattern.

Each chart was only a dollar or two!

I liked the variety in the Petals JJ chart, the hearts in the JBW Designs chart, the whimsical Deck the Halls chart and of course, the sheep in the Cricket Collection chart.  Now to make time to do some stitching...

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