Tuesday, 19 October 2010


While on my little holiday last week,  Mo inspired me to do some more hand spinning and I bought a little Jenkins spindle. With it, I've been making laceweight 2ply yarn with the hand painted blue cormo top from Foxhill Farm.

On Sunday night, I finished spinning and plied about 25 yards and tonight I did about 25 more yards - a total of 9g of yarn.
Right now I'm finishing it in its soapy bath to set the twist.

The person who generously loaned me her Louet D75 spinning wheel a year ago has asked for it back. I'm in the middle of spinning some Lorna's Laces roving so I didn't want to be without a spinning wheel for long. I checked the Ravelry Canadian Spinners group and someone in Montreal had a lightly used Ashford Joy and carrying bag for sale for a very reasonable price so I did the deal and it might even get here by Friday. Yay!

I'm quite excited about finally owning my own wheel. The Louet wasn't the greatest for spinning laceweight as it pulled the yarn onto the bobbin no matter how loose I had the tension. I'm sure the Joy will be a better wheel for me. It looks a little industrial as it's made out of plywood but it folds up and has a carrying bag for easy portability.

With all that fibre I bought at Rhinebeck, I'll be able to get it spun up in no time if I keep at it.

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