Tuesday, 9 November 2010


The Haruni is done! It was a relatively easy knit but took quite a bit of concentration to do the leafy border. The blocking wasn't even as annoying as I thought it would be.
This pattern was an easy 8 row repeat.

This shows the colour most accurately.

The seacell/silk blend makes a very drapey fabric.

Ah, the wonder of blocking lace.

Today Mo and I made a run to Stratford to pick up the Lendrum spinning wheel she bought. It was a lovely day for a 'road trip' (wheeeeeeeeeee!). After picking up the wheel, we stopped in to CloseKnit Quality Yarns in downtown Stratford. She does have lovely stuff in her shop.

Then we thought we'd stop into Alpaca Acres, just west of Shakespeare, ON. We met the chocolate lab, Guinness, and visited with the 22 alpacas and Ann. Of course, Ann knew Robyn (from whom Mo bought the spinning wheel) and my friend, Liz, with whom she knits most Tuesday mornings.

Mo got me home in record time so she could run a couple of errands and get home and spin!

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