Thursday, 4 November 2010


I finished plying the Lorna's Laces handspun. It's having a bath in the sink right now to set the twist. I'm pretty pleased with it.
It's very overcast today so the colour looks a little washed out.
I'm still wondering what I should knit with it. I have about 375 yards and it's DKish weight. It's kind of all blendy so not stripey at all. A scarf? A shawlette? I have so much trouble deciding what to knit with my handspun. It's one-of-a-kind yarn and I almost can't bear to use it up. But adoring and petting it only goes so far.

Any suggestions what I should knit with it?


  1. Hi Geri...It's snowing here today!
    I would make colourwork mittens that use a heavier yarn. I would use a solid colour for the background and your multi-colour yarn for the design areas :-)

  2. A nice slouchy hat with mitts to match?