Tuesday, 16 November 2010


I've been unearthing some UFOs and have decided to work on them in rotation to get them done.

These gloves have been in hibernation for almost a year.

I'm SO close to finishing them up. I got the middle finger done on the right glove today while watching Robert Redford and Barbra Streisand on Oprah and only need to get the index finger and thumb done.

They're Annemor #17 from Terri Shea's "Selbuvotter" but I changed the pattern on the thumb and fingers. I like the honeycomb palm.

The Gail shawl is my nemesis. The pattern isn't that hard but I keep making mistakes. I guess watching Wallender episodes on DVD isn't conducive to lace knitting. The only modification I have made is knitting a stitch between the double yarnovers at the centre in Rows 33 and 35. I don't like the look of the big hole that the double yarnover creates and adding the centre stitch creates the centre 'spine' that makes me feel comfortable. I hope that makes sense.

This yarn is SO pretty. Right now the shawl is only about 1/3 done and pretty much looks like a blob but this is what the centre section looks like when stretched out a bit. It's going to look amazing after it's finished and blocked.
This evening I spent 1 1/2 hours untangling the yarn. Note to self:  When knitting with silk blend yarn, knit from the outside of the ball. Centre pull balls just don't work with this 'sticky' yarn.

I discovered another incomplete Gail Shawl that is about at the same stage as the one above. It's been in hibernation for at least 2 years. It does have the gaping hole caused by the double yarnovers. I'm thinking I'll frog it. Who needs two of the same shawl? I can certainly knit something else with this lovely yarn and I really don't like the gaping hole in the middle.
I'm looking forward to another road trip with my accomplice, Mo, on Saturday. We're going up to Gemini Fibres for a "Beyond the Basics" class on the spinning wheel. I hope to learn enough to start consistently spinning thin enough yarn that will be fingering weight or thinner after plying.

Skip and I went for our flu shots today. It didn't hurt then but my arm hurts now. Waaaahhh!

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  1. I love those gloves Geri. I need to make some!!
    We also watch Wallander...I really luv Poirot and Sherlock Holmes series too but I am guessing we've pretty much seen them all.
    Have fun at your spinning class. I recently bought ( early gift from DH) Judith's new DVD's about Spinning Wheels and Spinning Luxury Fibers. They are great.