Saturday, 18 December 2010

Enfin C'est Fini!

I finally finished it! Last night I got up the courage to cut the steeks and get the sleeves sewn in.

The pink yarn shows where I'm going to cut for the sleeve steek and the pin shows the terminus of the cut. I didn't bother trying to avoid the 'jog' in the pattern as the cut would abut the sleeve anyway.

Here, I've folded back the two cut edges. You can see the sewing machine stitching two stitches in from the cut and on either side of the pink yarn line. (click on photo to enlarge)
According to the instructions, the shoulder seam is supposed to show the purl bumps. It seemed strange to me but I did it anyway. The sleeve went in surprisingly easy.
I like the way the facings cover the raw seam.
I bought the sleeve patch on eBay several months ago. I think it looks very nifty!

I look like a linebacker in drop shoulder sweaters but Skip was napping when I wanted to take the final photos.
If I ever locate the gold yarn, it would be very easy to rip back the crew neck and re-knit it with the two rows each of gold and red before finishing it with the black yarn.

I still need to weave in the many yarn ends and sew the official patch on the left sleeve. There will be more pics to follow with the proud owner modeling it.

Good news! We received our invitation for the traditional Swedish Christmas Eve party at our friends' place so Skip will be able to wear his sweater there.

I have two other Dale of Norway pattern books. This one from the Vancouver Olympics.
And this one commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Norwegian Ski Association.
I'm not too keen on the design of the Anniversary Design 2008 but the pattern is for a raglan sweater which looks much better on me than a drop sleeve.


  1. Don't you just luv Norwegian style knitting!!! Beautiful sweater Geri...Skip is a very lucky guy :-)

  2. wow!!! Your sweater turned out amazing!! Great work!! How inspiring to finish such a complex yet lovely project!!! Way to Go!!!