Saturday, 11 December 2010

♫ "Reunited and it feels so good!" ♫

I finished grafting the two halves of the sweater together. It's not perfect, but after a good, wet blocking, one won't be able to tell where the extra ball of yarn's worth of rows were inserted or where the graft occurred.

Again, here's the front. The lower part of the safety pin shows the row where I picked up the stitches after cutting the sweater in half.
St. Moritz sweater body - front
I knit up from there and then grafted the bottom back to the top just below red dotted row where the two-colour work begins.
St. Moritz sweater body - back
The ladies at my knitting guild were horrified that I had cut the sweater in half but I assured them that it would be fine.

The next steps will be to wet-block the sweater, cut the steeks for the sleeves, sew up the shoulder seams, sew in the sleeves and tack down the facings, pick up the neck stitches and knit the crew neck. Only a couple more hours of work after the blocking, I expect. I'm hoping to have it done by Christmas Eve so Skip can wear it to friends' annual Swedish Christmas Eve festivities at their house - assuming, that is, that we get invited again this year.

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