Sunday, 5 December 2010

Traveling Woman

On Friday, we picked up Scooter and headed westward to London, ON for a campus visit at the University of Western Ontario. As I graduated 30+ years ago, I was not up to date with all the new and different stuff on the campus. I asked Anne Marie's son, Mike, if he would show Scooter around and we tagged along.
Skip, Mike and Scooter

For me it was one huge trip down memory lane. I was fortunate to have had a wonderful experience at university so have very fond memories of my time there.

University College is the original existing building. It is located at the top of the hill. Arts courses were held there including my English, Spanish and Italian classes.
University College
Great Hall is also in University College. In my time, it was a dining hall that was very Hogwartsian. It has wooden floors and walls and had a raised platform at one end where at one time, the professors or senior students took their meals.

It now appears to be a lecture hall.
Great Hall
At the University Community Centre (UCC) there are not one but two Tim Hortons. In fact, there is a Tim Hortons or Starbucks in almost every building on the campus now.
I spent a lot of time here in Talbot College and the Faculty of Music - now the Don Wright Faculty of Music.
Here, I'm looking down the hill with Talbot College on the left and the Faculty of Music building on the right.
This is looking up the hill from Talbot College. We used to sneak cafeteria trays out of the cafeteria and tray down this hill in the winter. Mike informed us that kids use snowboards now. However we did see a couple of broken cafeteria trays at the bottom of the hill. It made me happy that traditions still live on. In the summer, it makes for a very nice amphitheatre.
I couldn't resist taking a photo of a mosaic of the coat of arms.

I don't know if Scooter is seriously considering Western as one of his choices but at least now he has seen it for himself and has a basis for comparison to the other universities he is thinking about.

I just finished the second Traveling Woman Shawl. It's blocking now but will be released from the wires and pins tomorrow. It is a belated birthday present for a friend who to this point hasn't been terribly knit-worthy but when I saw this yarn in her colours at The Black Lamb a week ago, I just had to buy it for her. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Today our Christmas concert went well. There were several musical groups performing and we didn't finish 'til about 4:30. It had been snowing the whole time so the drive home on the 401 was quite exciting and slow. Once past the accident that had us crawling along at 30 kph, I got off and just poked along home. It was slippery but I took my time. I guess winter is here. Sigh.

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  1. Gerri I think University does look very much like it could come from a Harry Potter movie.
    Beautiful shawl...I am still trying to finish my Black Lamb seasilk shawl for my stepmom's Christmas gift!