Friday, 21 January 2011

Knitting Friends

I received lovely gifts in the past couple of weeks from two of my knitting friends.

Mo gave me this neat pair of socks she knit with Zauberball yarn. I think they look like chocolate point Siamese cat colours.
Last Wednesday Jennifer gave me this lovely, lace alpaca neck warmer and the pattern that she had knit. It's Storm Water by indigodragonfly.
It is wonderfully soft. Yesterday I put it on to go to band rehearsal (the school gym we rehearse in is always FREEZING) and never took it off 'til changing for bed. I'm going to be getting myself some of this KnitPicks Andean Treasure alpaca yarn. It is SO nice against the skin and very squishy.

What is really special about this is that Jennifer has taken some of my knitting classes, including lace knitting, and now she has knit ME a lace neck warmer!

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  1. Both are lovely but those socks are really gorgeous! What lovely, thoughtful gifts.