Thursday, 13 January 2011

Pull Up Your Socks!

I'm joining a sock-knitting KAL for my LYS, Kniterary. We are aiming to knit one sock a month or six pairs of socks over the entire year. Finishing a UFO sock started in a previous year also counts. Now, I started these Kroy Jacquards socks in December but I finished the second sock (lower left below) in January so here's the first of the 12 I'm going to knit this year.
Last night at the knitting guild meeting these two projects were particularly interesting. Cindy finished her beautiful shawl. I believe it's the Leaf Lace and Ripple Lace patterns from Evelyn A. Clark's pattern book, "Knitting Lace Triangles".
But Sharion's cottage country cardigan of many colours blew me away.
She designed it herself and used innumerable colours of yarn. She has a formula for designing a sweater for a perfect fit. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend the class she'll be teaching on this subject.

I just noticed a cool thing - on the bottom right of my photos I see my name now appears. I'm not sure at what step this occurs in the process of uploading photos into my computer and processing them in Picasa in preparation of putting them here on the blog, but I think it's cool!

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  1. I've been knitting up socks a-go-go with all of that Kroy yarn for a while now. I finished off the ones in the same yarn as yours last month, and am now onto ones with the greenish-tinge to them. That Kroy yarn is really nice, is warm & toasty, and is in general just good.

    BTW, that cottage sweater is FABULOUS!