Thursday, 6 January 2011

Yet Another Animal Fibre

Yesterday at my knitting group, one of the gals, Lynda, had a bag of her Golden-doodle's matted undercoat fur with her. I don't remember why she brought it out to show us but as soon as I saw it I asked her if she would like to see what it looked like spun up. I was intrigued.
Once home, I pulled the matts apart to loosen the fibres up a bit and carded them
into lovely, fluffy rolags. Lynda bathes her dogs weekly so the dog fur was very clean.
It was nice to work with. It felt somewhat like a blend of angora and alpaca.
After spinning the singles, I thought Navaho plying (chain plying) would be a good way to ply it. This creates a stable, 3-ply yarn.
It looks like fingering weight to me but with a 47 yd. yield from 20g (pardon my mixed measurement systems), it works out to be DK weight.

I gave it a wash to set the twist, let it dry and used my 36" nitty noddy to wind it into a skein. Now it's ready to be knit! I think it would take dye really nicely. you can't tell from the white background but there's a very light halo to the yarn.

Lynda has 4 dogs, I'm sure she has lots of their undercoat matts that could be processed. I wonder if she would like more yarn made? I guess I'll find out next Wednesday at my knitting group


  1. I'm betting she would LOVE her dog hair yarn. It looks lovely and squishy

  2. Yes, she really did love it and we're negotiating a deal for me to spin up more of her animals' fibre. I

  3. That is a really intriguing idea. Has she knit with it yet? I'm curious to know how it knit up.