Saturday, 22 January 2011

Trillium Embroidery Guild

At last week's embroidery guild meeting, several people brought some of their finished pieces to display.

We've watched this Victorian winter piece in various stages of progress over the past year or so.
This 'flasher' Santa has lots of nice things inside his coat. I like the little charms.
Here's a nicely finished Hardanger piece.
There's lots of detail in this orchid piece.
Before I became obsessed with knitting, I was an obsessive cross-stitcher. I've been looking back in my Christmas ornament issues of Just Cross Stitch for projects that would work up fairly quickly. I'm particularly interested in Hardanger pieces that I would have passed over before I learned this technique.

One project I'm working on is the Holly 'n Hardanger ornament from the JCS 2005 Christmas ornaments issue.
The Hardanger in the centre worked up really quickly - maybe 3/4 of an hour during the guild meeting last Wednesday. The cross-stitching is slower as there are lots of 1/4 and 3/4 stitches. I'll just keep knocking off the holly leaves then will be able to do the back-stitching. Next will be the Rhodes hearts and finally the beadwork. It's a lot of work for an ornament but I think it will look very nifty when it's done. Then I'll have the dilemma of how I'll finish it.

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  1. Oh my goodness, those are exquisite! I've never been great at cross-stitch or embroidery, but my mom used to make the most delicate flowers for pillowcases.

    The first time I ever heard about Hardanger was when I was the Classroom Coordinator for a Michaels store a few years ago. It's an amazing skill! Well done!