Thursday, 17 February 2011


The Internet hooking-up went smoothly until Skip and I realized that we only had a modem but no wifi capabilities so we whipped out and purchased an inexpensive N wireless router. Finally our three laptops and 2 iPod Touches (we're not nerds - ha ha) were working like a charm and we no longer have to cruise fast food joints or the public library with wifi.

Two days ago, it finally warmed up enough here in west central Florida to wear shorts. We went golfing with another couple in a league with about 100 other people. Each couple paid $10. We were at a 27 hole course and each group of 4 (with carts) started at a different hole. Everyone plays their own ball and then all four hit from the location of the best ball. We did quite well scoring 34 on a par 36 9-hole course. Our foursome won $24 so we each netted $1 in winnings after deducting our entry fee. My first golf winnings! We have a standing invitation to golf there every Tuesday so will probably make a return visit in 2 weeks.

Yesterday and this morning we did some birding. On Monday, I saw 4 wood storks at the man-made pond where we're staying. Of course, I didn't have my camera with me so we've been going back every day to try and get another glimpse of one.

While Skip and I were walking around the pond this morning one flew in!
A red-shouldered hawk flew atop a light post and was giving everything (including us) the eye.
This pair of hooded mergansers are residents of the pond.
As is this lone double-crested cormorant.
These two drake mallards continue to accompany this female. She doesn't seem to mind the company.
Yesterday we saw several types of herons and egrets. Here, the great egret and white ibis searched for food in close proximity to each other and didn't really seem to mind.
From afar we saw a belted kingfisher.
In knitting news, I have finished the right front of my Cassidy cardigan and about 5" done on the back. I don't have to concentrate very hard now that the cabling has been established. There's a bit of shaping for the waist in the first 10" or so and then it'll be a breeze until the casting off for the underarms.

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