Friday, 4 March 2011

Italian Lesson

We use a lot of Italian words in English. One of my pet peeves is to hear Italian words pronounced incorrectly. Romance languages have very easy pronunciation rules which don’t have many (if any) exceptions. So why not pronounce Italian words correctly?

One of my most common pet peeves is the mispronunciation of the word ‘bruschetta’. I hear it mispronounced incorrectly very frequently and have even heard it mispronounced on TV. Here is the pronunciation rule:

‘Sch’ in Italian is pronounced like those letters in the English word, ‘school’ with a ‘k’ sound. ‘Sc’ is the ‘sh’ sound in English but when the ‘h’ is added, it makes it a hard ‘c’ sound like the ‘k’ sound in English. So the word ‘bruschetta’ is pronounced phonetically ‘bru-ske-ta’. With the ‘k’ sound.

It’s not polite to correct the mispronunciation, however if you hear the word pronounced incorrectly, just use it correctly soon after. If someone tries to correct your correct pronunciation, just explain the ‘h’ rule and maybe there will be one more person on earth who pronounces ‘bruschetta’ correctly.

Pesce (pay-shay)= fish
Pesche (pe-skay) = peaches

Got it?

I've been working on a cross-stitch project I bought last year in Harlingen, TX.
The pattern cost $1.50 but by the time I purchased the fabric and Weeks Dye Works floss colours, the project was more than 15 times that. These little projects are so fast to complete.

I'm still waiting for the nice people at KnitPicks to get back to me with a revised colour chart for the blue Dogwood Blossoms pattern I received 4 weeks ago. The printing of the pattern was too dark and it's almost impossible to distinguish between some of the colours on the chart. I did hear back from one of their customer service people that she was going to attach the .pdf of the file and a charted colour key but there was no attachment with the e-mail. I have sent them three requests (the most recent being last night) for the attachment. Normally KnitPicks' customer service is efficient and accurate. I'm still waiting...


  1. I completely agree on the language thing. It drives me mad....I'm surprised at the Knitpicks thing, they are usually pretty good at customer service

  2. Yes, the customer service rep was very quick with her initial response. I'm surprised it has taken this long for her to attach the file she believes she sent me a couple of weeks ago.