Sunday, 6 March 2011


Today Skip and I attended a Greek Festival at St. George's, the local Greek Orthodox church. We love ethnic festivals, especially the FOOD!

The parking was free and the admission was only $1. It was definitely set up for families with children and the entertainment was about a dozen Greek dancing troupes from several Greek churches within 100km.
The church hall was huge and there were various food stations there as well as outside under an enormous tent. We arrived shortly after the festival opened today so got first dibs on the food.

Skip had pork souvlaki on a pita, dolmades and rather large spanakopita (pictured below).
I had two chicken souvlaki sticks and dolmades.

The most impressive station was the dessert station.
They even offered a sampler box with one of each kind.
We managed to exercise self-restraint and shared a baklava and a galaktoboureko.

I'm continuing with the Rose Trellis stole with the multicoloured lace yarn. I'm still not sold on it 100% but I will soldier on. Probably once it's blocked, it'll look wonderful. I plan to wear it with the new LBD (little black dress) I purchased for our upcoming Panama Canal cruise. I may make another stole in a solid color as well. That way, I can wear the same dress and switch out the stoles/shawls.

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  1. Greek food is definitely tops on my list (also Thai,Indian and Mexican)!
    Enjoy your Panama Cruise Geri :-) Wish I was there with you...yesterday there was flood warnings and today a ton of fresh new snow. Our sheep are beginning first stages of labor and we need some milder weather fast!