Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Yesterday Skip and I went to visit his nephew and family who are vacationing in Clearwater Beach about 75km down the coast. We spent the afternoon at the beach
and had a nice dinner with them at the hotel patio restaurant.

Before we drove down there I was in a panic about what knitting project I would take for the drive and for the beach. I decided to start a pair of garter rib socks using some beautiful Punta Yarns Merisock yarn. I got this much done on the way there and while we were visiting on the beach.
I'm also needing to get a couple more pairs of socks done for the Kniterary 'Pull Up Your Socks' KAL this year. We are aiming to knit one sock per month. I have socks completed to the end of March and I want to stay ahead of the game.

The colours are darker than this but I'm having trouble getting the light right down here. This photo was taken in the shade on the hood of Skip's car.

Basically, I cast on 72 sts, knit 20 rounds of k3, p1 ribbing then *a round of knit followed by a round of k3, p1. Then I just repeated those two rounds (from *). Having alternate rounds of straight knitting really makes this project move along quickly. It was perfect for its intended milieu.

I'm also working on a Rose Trellis stole with the Zephyr merino/silk yarn I bought at Uncommon Threads in Palm Harbor last week. It's in the 'charcoal' colourway but looks more like a gunmetal blue to me. I'm hoping to finish it in time for my upcoming Panama Canal cruise. You can see the lifeline I inserted after the first section.
There's quite a bit of stocking stitch in the middle section (which is the longest section) so it is now going quite quickly as well. But it definitely was not a project for either the car or the beach.

I have abandoned the other Rose Trellis stole using the Noro King yarn.
I think this yarn would make a nice scarf that has less lace to it. I'm still searching for the 'perfect' project for this. Any suggestions? It would make a nice Dianna shawl but I've already knit 3 of them so I don't really want to do another.

On that subject, I am teaching 2 classes on the Dianna shawl on April 9 and 16 from 1pm to 3pm at Myrtle Station Wool & Ferguson's Knitting in Brooklin. There might still be room in the class so give the shop a call during business hours if you're interested in signing up. There is 'homework', particularly if you've not knit entrelac before so don't wait 'til the last moment to sign up.

I also started the blue Dogwood Blossoms Fair-Isle sweater. I was going to jump right in with the body of the sweater but decided, instead of casting on 375 sts, I'd start with a sleeve and just verify my gauge. It is fingering weight yarn so will take a LONG time to complete the knitting. There will also be a LOT of ends to knit or weave in. The colour change every row or two. But I'm pleased with the resulting fabric.
I will continue the rotation and eventually most of these projects will get done.

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