Monday, 14 March 2011

Spring Training

On Friday, Skip and I went to a Yankees Spring Training game at George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa.
They played the Atlanta Braves.
The ball park is a replica of Yankee Stadium and is festooned with the 27 flags representing each of their World Series wins over the years. The most recent one is flown beside the state flag of Florida and the Stars and Stripes.
The field is adjacent to Raymond James Stadium where the Tampa Bay Bucanneers play near the campus of Hillsborough College just east of the Tampa International Airport.
It was a beautiful, sunny day without a cloud in the sky. However, the temperature was quite chilly so we were well bundled up - for a while, at least.
We sat about 16 rows up from 3rd base and got a good look at Derek Jeter
and Alex Rodriguez who frequent that area of the field. Neither Fred nor I saw Cameron Diaz anywhere. She was either out making popcorn or must have had to work.
Atlanta was winning when we left after the 7th inning to head south to Sarasota for the weekend. Us and the rest of the denizens of Tampa, it seemed.

to be continued....
Have you ever wondered how to pronounce double letters in Italian? The consonant is pronounced the same way, just twice. The result sounds like you are holding that consonant a bit longer.

tasso (cup), piccolo (small), pizza, etc.


  1. Have you been taking Italian lessons Geri? I'm quite enjoying all these little tidbits. Reminds me that I need to practice my Italian this year for my upcoming trip in the fall. (BTW, I've got a great story about the perils of not pronouncing the double 'n' in penne, but the punchline's a little "blue", so I'll save it for another time. :D )

  2. Going to the spring training game(s) is on our bucket list for the hubby and I.