Thursday, 3 March 2011

Strawberry Festival

The Florida Strawberry Festival in Plant City, FL started today and will run 'til the 13th of March.We decided to go today, the first day and a week day, as we figured it would be really busy on the weekends. It was one of the best fairs/festivals I've ever been to.
Mary helped us find the poultry and livestock tents.
I LOVED her shirt.
One of the first things we did was have strawberry shortcake - with custard - and whipped cream (urp!). Here you can see the chocolate covered strawberries as well.
There were a lot of things we'd never seen before.

Antler crafters.
Pot Roast sundaes.
Deep-fried Mars bars, cheese and Twinkies.
Catfish and Barbeque stands.
Boiled and roasted peanuts in 20lb bags.
This booth specialized in 'Gone With the Wind' itemsand this was the Longaberger booth.

I didn't find any craft displays of knitting or quilting but I did see a booth selling quilting items and fabric.
I thought this was a great use for a vintage caboose.
Of course, there was a myriad of strawberry booths and items.

Here is a mini strawberry field with the equipment for planting and harvesting the fruit.
Here, one could buy a strawberry plant in a hanging pot that was already bearing fruit.
There were several places where one could obtain strawberry shortcake.
There were some entertainment events running throughout the day. We didn't go to the Bobby Vinton concert but we did catch part of the Pirates of the Colombian Caribbean show. Basically it was swashbucking pirates on the high wire. We were very impressed because it was quite windy today and they still managed not to get blown off their perches.
Of course, we had to go look at the poultry, rabbits, cows and pigs. I liked the colours of this rooster and think the colours would make beautiful yarn.

Skip and I posed in the Strawberry Queen's throne.
The last thing we did was attend the pig races. Basically there were 3 groups of 4 or 5 pigs that ran around the track with the goal of reaching the cream-filled cookies. If I can figure out how to upload the videos I took, I'll add them. For now, this is a view of the 'racetrack' around the 'Pig Hop' lanes.
There were lots and lots of restrooms that were clean and had attendants. The fairgrounds was kept free of debris by lots of people who kept things swept up. The weather was perfect - sunny skies and temperatures of 26C with a nice breeze. It wasn't jam-packed with people because it wasn't the weekend. Mostly there were retirees like us, including a DeNure Tour group out of Lindsay. We shared a table with a fellow from Port Perry when we had our strawberry shortbread. What were the odds....

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