Sunday, 24 April 2011

Azul de Sol

A while back I bought this hand-painted roving on sale on etsy . The colour was called Azul de Sol which really isn't very grammatically correct nor does 'blue of sun' make sense. I think it's more like Azul y Sol - Blue and Sun. Here's the last little bit of the roving.
Here it is whilst being spun.It was a little over 4 oz. of some softish wool fibre - BFL, maybe?

As I was trying to spin it really thinly, it took 3 long spinning sessions to get it done. Then a whole evening to ply it. My attempt at Navajo plying didn't work very well so I just did it 2ply.
Voilà, 520 yards, 116g, 4.1 oz., fingering weight.

Azul y Sol.

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  1. Whatever you call it...that is a beautiful skein of yarn Geri....well done!