Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Baby Chalice Blanket

I finished this baby blanket back in February when I was in Florida.

It's the Baby Chalice Blanket, a free pattern by Lykkefanten. I used
253g of Tivoli Classical DK - a washable wool blend, about 600m. I cast on 131 sts for this size.

I finally got it blocked.
Here's a closeup of the pattern.
It blocked out to 36" x 36".

I have enough extra yarn to knit another one.


  1. That is gorgeous! I love the texture of it. How much yarn did it take to make that size?

  2. Adriene, it took a little less than 600m of yarn - 5 balls of the Tivoli Classical DK.

  3. What a beautiful blanket Geri!!
    I have twin grandsons being born in late July/early August (to my stepdaughter in Naaldwijk) and I want to knit them something. Trouble is I have to make two!

  4. You'd better get busy, then! LOL.

  5. your blanket came out so lovely! I am currently working on the chalice blanket as well. I am half done, and due in 3 weeks with baby #4. I hope my blanket blocks up to be as beautiful as yours! It is on ravelry if anyone cares to see it in progress :o)