Saturday, 30 April 2011

Knitter's Frolic 2011

Today, Jennifer, Sarah and I went to the Knitter's Frolic sponsored by the Downtown Knit Collective (DKC) . It was lots of fun.

Jennifer and I volunteered to work at the yarn winding station so got in free, ahead of the lineup, and had complimentary refreshments and lunch... all for an hour's work! And the yarn winding time went so fast! I hope they'll let us do it again next year.

I saw Laurie from The Black Lamb and we discovered we're both going on the Eucalan/DeNure Tours UK Knitting Tour this September. Wheeee!!! I also went to see Mary Ellen Edgar, 'the Eucalan Lady', introduced myself to her and bought some Eucalan eucalyptus (my favourite scent) no-rinse wool wash. She asked if I was interested in a UK knitting tour and I told her Marion and I are signing up! I also told her I am very good friends with her husband's first cousin, Lorna. We're quite excited.

Skip gave me money for yarn for my birthday and I had no trouble spending it and more. Here's my haul. (click for clearer, larger photo - not sure why the image isn't clear)
I'm really trying to break out of my purple and navy blue colour rut, ergo the green, turquoise and yellow colours.

I'm looking forward to getting a start on the sock kit from The Black Lamb. Laurie was wearing the socks at the Frolic and they looked very cool.

But now I must put my knitting aside and get packed for my holiday!

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  1. A knitting tour in England? Plus Rhinebeck? Wow you have so much to look forward to!!!!