Tuesday, 24 May 2011


I am on a wonderful global adventure and have travelled by air, by sea on the Coral Princess, then by taxi, bus, ferry, taxi and rental car. Internetting has been iffy.

I'll post lots of cool photos and somewhat of a travelogue when I get home.

My knitting? More about that later, too.

...two days later and another ferry ride and 6 hour drive is under our belts.

Tomorrow's my blogaversary. 4 years!

Stay tuned...

Sunday, 1 May 2011


Annis is blocked. It's smaller than I expected at 50" x 12" - smaller even than the specs in the pattern which were 56" x 16". I suspect it was due to the thinness of the yarn and the tight bind-off.
Some folks on Ravelry did a stretchier bind-off but I think the tight bind-off was definitely intended by the designer to ensure the curve in the top of the shawl.
If I were to knit this again, I'd use slightly thicker yarn and substitute nice beads for the nupps - just for something different.