Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Brooklin Spring Fair

The first weekend of June marks the Brooklin Spring Fair each year. This is its 100th year of operation. Skip and I have fond memories of the first Friday of June about 15 years ago when we had a power failure at the school at which we were teaching. After about an hour, the principal came on the PA system and dismissed us for the day as there was inadequate lighting in the classrooms, the hallways and washrooms were totally dark and the cafeteria was inoperational. Skip and I ran to our car and immediately decided to go to the Brooklin Spring Fair which was opening that day. It was a beautiful sunny day and we revelled in it - deleriously happy to have this bonus day away from work added to our lives.

The Brooklin Spring Fair hosts several Homecraft classes for judging and last year I submitted several of my knitted items for the competition. This morning, I submitted 6 items. They will be judged today and the results will be known this evening at 6pm.

I was able to get free tickets to the fair and a VIP parking pass from my embroidery guild which donates some prize money to the fair so tomorrow sometime Skip and I are going to attend the fair and I'll get to see how my knitted items did. I got one 1st place last year and 4 seconds so my goal this year is to get 2 first places. I even entered a Seniors class.

Right now Blogger is being persnickety and won't let me post a photo of my submissions. I'll try again later.

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