Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Geri and Skip's Excellent Adventure - Part III

Once anchored off shore in Cabo San Lucas, we were tendered ashore and loaded into vans for our day at a luxury resort a couple of miles up the bay at the Villa del Palmar resort. We arrived at about 9am and staked out our lounge chairs and spent the time ‘til 1pm, hydrating with Diet Cokes and Negro Modelo beer and eating a fixed plate lunch with several Mexican specialties.

The resort was beautiful and had several pool areas and lots of shade for us.
I liked the ficus trees clipped into heart shapes.We could see the ship from the restaurant area just above the beach.
When we went to sit down for lunch, we noticed the resident kitty cat asleep under our table. He wasn't at all disturbed by us. Seeing him made me miss my Ollie.
While we were eating, a hooded oriole landed on the tray that had dirty dishes on it. It seems he was looking for something to eat.
On the way back to the ship, we saw this luxury yacht tied up. It had a helicopter on the back.
I googled its name, "Attessa", and learned that it belongs to US Industrialist, Dennis Washington. Apparently he had 20 feet added to the length of the yacht when it was being refurbished after there was a fire aboard.

Back on the ship, we weighed anchor and headed for San Francisco after two days at sea. While leaving the bay. We were able to get a good shot of Lover's beach at Los Arcos.
Los Arcos is the landmark of Cabo San Lucas.
The night before SFO we had our farewell dinner with Susan and David and fantasized about where our next cruises would take us. The next morning, we woke up early to witness sailing under the Golden Gate bridge at sunup. It was beautiful and calm and the fog hadn’t rolled in yet.
We sailed around the warehouse at Pier 35 - the cruise ship pier - where we would be tying up.
Once tied up, we were able to see Alcatraz.
We were delayed in disembarking the ship because of US Customs and Homeland Security delays and several shore tours were cancelled as a result. Skip and I decided to simply take a double decker bus tour of the city and see all the touristy spots like Lombard Street
and the 'Painted Ladies'.
The Golden Gate bridge had by now been enveloped in fog.
Lots of cabs on the west coast are Toyota Prius.
We also saw a group on a Segway tour of the pier area.
Back in the pier area we explored Pier 39 - a myriad of cute shops and cafes. We ate delicious clam chowder in a bread bowl. It was a closely-guarded family recipe.
We also saw the sea lions which have taken over a docking area since the earthquake of 1989. Before we saw them, we could hear them and then could smell them. There must have been 80 of them basking in the sun, snoozing, snogging and making lots of noise. Businesses have even sprung up because of the sea lions.
Back at the ship, we set sail for the two day voyage to Vancouver. In the next day’s trivia contest, we were two members short with David and Susan now on shore. Someone sitting near us, Joel , an emergency room physician from SFO, asked if he could join our group and of course, we consented. We ended up winning the contest in spite of us changing one of my answers to one of his. With this win, we also won medals!
Yay! That night, Joel confided that he had been a three-time Jeopardy winner shortly after Ken Jennings had lost. He also told he thought we were formidable allies and he was glad that he had hooked up with us.

We were delayed in arriving in Vancouver because of a late departure from SFO. Evidently two passengers who were unaccounted for and later found in their stateroom. The steward put this cover on our bed so we could put our suitcases on it without wrecking the duvet. I wasn't really happy to be packing. I loved our 'floating resort' and our comfy stateroom.
The late arrival wasn’t going to affect us because we didn’t have any plane connections to make. We had also opted for self-serve luggage disembarkation so were in one of the first groups to disembark.

We again got footage of the sail under the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver
and the docking at Canada Place.
Once off the ship we grabbed a cab to the Pacific Central bus/train station and made the bus to Swartz Bay with 5 minutes to spare. We got the 3pm sailing which got us into Swartz Bay at 4:35pm and grabbed another cab to the airport to pickup the rental car that was awaiting us.

to be continued...

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