Tuesday, 14 June 2011

June Sock

I picked up a sock kit at the Knitter's Frolic in April and on the cruise, started in on it. I tried different sizes of needles and decided to use 2.25mm needles so the 77 stitch sock wouldn't be too loose. I struggled and struggled with the pattern which is a ribbed sock with a panel of lace twisting around the leg and instep. I got nowhere. It just wasn't working so I frogged the whole damned thing.

While I was in Duncan, BC a couple of weeks ago (I still have more installments from my trip to post) I found a free sock pattern at Ingrid's Yarns. It's a leaflet by Clover called 'Dresden Socks'. Altho' I haven't been working on it every day, it is knitting up quite nicely and I'm almost finished the first sock. It's my June sock for the Kniterary "Pull Up Your Socks" group for 2011.

This image shows the diamond lace panel that occurs on the back and front of the sock which carries down the instep. I'm only a few rows away from starting the toe decreases.
I modified the pattern by using an 'eye of partridge' heel - a favourite of mine. The sides look like stocking stitch but it's really K1,P1 ribbing which allows stretchiness so the sock will fit snugly around the ankle.
I'm also very flattered that a couple of my knitting colleagues are using my generic garter rib sock pattern for the challenge. Here's a link to a photo of Shawna's version.

Knit on!

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