Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Lots Accomplished Today

I did a lot more today than I've done in ages. This morning I dropped Scooter off at the GO station and dropped in for a quick visit with Marion. Then I dropped her off at the GO station. After that I went for lunch at my favourite pita place.

On the way home, I stopped at Home Depot to ask about what is involved in a home renovation. Our almost 30-year-old house desperately needs some updates. 'Mike' will be coming by to take a look at things on July 12.

When I got home I hosed down the garage floor swishing the dirt and salt from the winter down the driveway. Then I cleaned the interior of my car and washed the exterior. I also washed a few seasonal mats we use at the front door and let them dry in the bright sun.

I then washed all the windows on the ground floor.

After I got cleaned up, I thought I'd work on the vest I'm finishing up for my friend, Diane. I'm hoping I'll see her on Thursday and can give it to her then. I ended up finishing the back that she had started (after several needle size changes) and had to completely knit the two fronts to match the gauge of the back.

I sewed it together and then crocheted all around the edges.
The single crocheted edge finishes it nicely. It took a couple of tries to get the right tension around the armholes but I think it's going to work well for Diane.

Today in the garden I played around with my camera on its 'macro' setting.

This is our lone Asiatic lily.
The sun roses (also called primroses by some) are in full bloom.
and close up...
This jackmanii clematis has rather small blooms. It is spreading along our fence as the neighbour's Rose of Sharon has completely blocked its sun.
They're the purple-est flowers in the garden.

The bell flowers are still in bloom.
These Maltese Cross plants are descendants of those from my mother's garden. They're about 4 feet high.They remind me of the day Skip and I were married in our back yard - June 29, 1998. It was the last time they grew as high as they are now.

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