Monday, 20 June 2011

A Perfect Afternoon

The weather today is perfect. It's sunny, breezy and not too hot (22C = 73F) or humid.

On the weekend, Skip and I finally got the cover put on our 10' x 13' gazebo on the deck. The original cover wore out years ago and since then we have been buying a new 15' x 20' tarp each yar and doing some very creative folding and tying.

It almost adds another room to our house in the summer and it is SO nice sitting outside at any time of the day. Without the tarp, our south-facing deck would too hot and sunny to use most of the day but with the cover - it's perfect.This afternoon I sat out and watched some of my new Lucy Neatby DVD (Double Knitting) and listened to a couple of podcasts while I knit and blogged. It doesn't get much better than this.
Skip came out to do some watering in the garden.
The lone bell flower (campanula) from the other day now has lots of company.
The stella d'oro day lilies are almost finished but I had a good sniff of them,
and some of the last fragrant peonies. Too bad Blogger doesn't have smellovision.
The rosebush has lots of beautiful blooms now.
And we have one cosmos bloom.
Sitting here listening to the birds, the breeze in the leaves of nearby trees, kids playing in a neighbour's swimming pool and traffic a few blocks away whilst knitting and blogging is a very nice way to spend the afternoon - a perfect afternoon.

Life is good.


  1. That does sound just about ideal!

  2. Your garden is lovely!
    Yes I agree, when one has all that then life is indeed very good :-)

  3. Hi Geri!

    Your patio looks like a wonderful spot to knit and blog! And to be surrounded by such beautiful flowers too, wow! :D

    Also, thank you so much for visiting my blog and for the lovely comments about my outfit. :) The cardigan I wore was the Honeybee Cardigan by Laura Chau.