Sunday, 12 June 2011

WWKIP 2011 (er, Spinning)

Yesterday, I went over to Mo's to do some spinning. I got about 1/3 of a superwash merino custom blend braid spun up while at her place.

After lunch at my favourite fast food place I dropped into Kniterary for the World Wide Knit in Public event. Unfortunately it was threatening rain so we went inside and weren't so public after all. I hadn't gone home to pick up my knitting so I hauled out my spinning wheel and spun up another third of the braid while at Kniterary. I'm sorry I didn't take a photo of the braid but it had 5 strands of colour - orange, purple, lemongrass, dark blue and turquoise.
I decided to try to keep the colours intact, split the roving that way and spun them in random colour sequence. I didn't spin it as thinly and plan to chain-ply (Navajo-ply) it to create DKish weight yarn. At least, that is the plan. I spun most of the rest of the braid last night and finished the rest just now. For now, this is the entire braid spun up.
I'm letting it 'set' and will see how the plying goes.

This afternoon, Skip and I went into The Big City for the afternoon matinée of "Billy Elliot - the Musical". Wow! It was fantastic! Today's Billy, Julian Elia from Markham, ON, was doing his debut show. His mom was in the lobby at intermission and was clearly SO PROUD of her boy. OMG, he did a fabulous job. I had a lump in my throat for most of the second half.

I had seen the movie a few years back and had enjoyed it very much. Sir Elton did a fabulous job with the music. It resonated with me in several ways. First, I LOVE a good musical. The more dancing and singing, the better. I was awed by the talent of the children in the cast. I was also very moved by the letter Billy's mother wrote him before she died. I sure wish my mom had been able to write one to me. I loved how the teacher nurtured Billy's talent and stood up for him to his dad and brother. If you get a chance to see "Billy Elliot - The Musical" I highly recommend it. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for Part III of 'Geri and Skip's Excellent Adventure'...

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