Monday, 25 July 2011

FO's 'n Stuff

Skip's niece had a baby back in February. I wanted to knit little Kyle a sweater and found some sock yarn on sale for the job. I used this pattern which is sized for a baby 0 - 3 months of age. As Kyle has already surpassed that age, I thought he'd need a sweater in the winter around his first birthday. It is knit seamlessly from the top down. I used larger needles to knit it bigger and made it a bit longer than the pattern calls for.

I also found a cute little hat to knit with matching yarn. I took the gauge from the sweater and used the same size needles. I increased to only 108 sts for the body of the hat. It was a very quick, fairly mindless knit, once the increases were finished.
And here's the set.
The colour is truer in the first photo.

I also have about 1/4 of a rectangular entrelac scarf knit with the Dianna Shawl pattern as a guide.
I had some Noro Kureyon sock yarn kicking around that I used for it. The yarn is not terribly soft but I'll rinse it with hair conditioner when I'm soaking it before blocking.

I've also been working on a Forest Ridge Shawl from Spring + Summer 2011 Knitty using Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend. I may run out of yarn but I'm pretty sure I can get more.

It was hard to photograph this time of the evening but here are a couple of shots.
The colours in this one are truer.
The scarf has three triangles so should sit nicely on the shoulders and also should drape well around the neck.

Last Saturday I attended the Spin In at The Black Lamb in Port Hope. It was a pretty warm day but cooler than the temperatures at home, 65km to the west. We sat under tents and happily spun and yakked the day away. About 18 in all showed up.
My spinning friend, Jody (pictured in third from the left in the green ball cap above), was there, too but we didn't get much chance to chat as we weren't able to sit next to each other.

I met two ladies who will be doing the UK knitting tour with us - friends of Laurie, pictured below in green with her back to me.
Three of us are satisfied owners of Ashford Joy wheels.

The Tour de Fleece is over now. I didn't do as much spinning as I'd hoped but I did more had I not participated at all.

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