Saturday, 2 July 2011

Tour de Fleece 2011

I have been finishing up some UFOs so I can clear the decks for the Tour de Fleece. It is my first year in the T de F and I've joined several teams: Peleton 2011, North Border Spinners, Team Sasquatch and Team Canada. It's also the first year I'll be really paying attention to the Tour de France.

One UFO I completed last night was Gudrun Johnston's "Crofter's Cowl".
Now that I have my July sock finished for my Pull Up Your Socks group. I'm going to cast on for August's. This is one pattern I'm considering. I'm trying to knit down some of my sock yarn stash as I keep buying souvenir sock yarn.

I have some fibre that a knitting friend gave me that consists of the fur from three of her dogs and her cat. I'm heading out to Port Hope to The Black Lamb to use her drum carder to get the fur ready to spin, otherwise, I'll be spending hours hand-carding it.

I have lots of bags of fibre to spin so should have plenty to keep me busy. Here's some hand-painted roving I picked up at the Knitter's Frolic that I started on to warm up for the Tour de Fleece.Allons!


  1. dog and cat fibre, eh? I'm quite curious how it will spin up.

  2. I met a lady at a local fiber festival that spun the hair from her chow - such lovely, black fur! This is my first year for TDF, and I'm spinning away on my spindle. Cheers!