Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Acanthus Shawlette

I finished the Acanthus Shawlette that I've been working on. It's a pretty fast knit, mostly done while I watched the 11 episodes of Brideshead Revisited that I borrowed from the library.

I call my creation, Brideshead Shawlette.
It's a semicircular shawl with a leaf motif. The two sets of leaves are knitted first. The first chart is of the main centre part beginning with a provisional cast on. There were 12 chart repeats. I only did 10 because I was afraid I'd run out of yarn. It turns out I probably would have had more than enough, but anyway...

Then the decreasing left side is knit. Then the provisional yarn is unzipped and the tapered right side is knit.

After that, I picked up the 142 sts of the edge, knit 6 sts past the halfway point and then completed the stocking stitch section with short rows, consuming 4 sts on each side with each row.
The Berroco Metallic Sox yarn may not have been the best choice of yarn but the shawlette will look nice with jeans. It`s also not the softest yarn - probably because of the metallic yarn (duh). So I have started another one using some Araucanía Ranco Solid sock yarn. It looks a lot leafier. You can see the pink waste yarn from the provisional cast on at the right.

See? Doesn't the green make it look more leafy?
I have more than enough yarn to complete the 12 repeats before the tapering side sections. When I block this one, I won't pull the stocking stitch short row section so tightly. On the blue one, I'm not happy how the bound-off edge is curling in spite of the hard blocking so I'm going to crochet something along the bound-off edge to flatten it out.

Wouldn't this be wonderful with a fingering weight alpaca yarn?


  1. That looks very similar to the Semele shawl I just finished. Very pretty!