Monday, 29 August 2011

One More Sleep

Marion and I begin our UK knitting odyssey tomorrow evening, wedged into an AirTransat Airbus A310. I refused to pay to get my seat assignment so am waiting 'til this evening and am hopeful Marion and I will both be able to get aisle seats.

I tend to procrastinate a bit with packing but for once, I got started on it today.We will be away 10 nights so I'm trying to take the minimum amount of clothing for that length of time. My companions will be seeing me wear some things a couple of times. We are fortunate that we'll be staying 4 nights in each of two hotels so anything I hand-wash should have plenty of time to dry.

AirTransat also has minimal luggage allowances. 25kg for checked luggage and 5kg for hand luggage. I can't even use my nifty rolling hand luggage that I just acquired for my cruise last May. I bought a small rolling backpack last week but returned it because it weighed 4lb of the 11 lb. I'm allowed, I returned it and will be making do with my non-rolling backpack.

The temperature in Glasgow over the next week or so is in the 50sF (low teens Celsius) and in the 60s (high teens C) in London so I guess I'll be wearing long pants again - sigh. Except for one night at the cottage last week, I haven't worn long pants since May.

I find I don't remember a lot of details after I read or listen to a book so I tend to not listen to anything 'heavy' if I'm going to be interrupted a lot. I've been ripping CDs onto my iPod Touch - the only bagpipe CD (to get me in the mood) that I own and some short-chapter books from the library. I don't read a lot of print (except on my computer screen) but try to listen to books while I'm trying to fall asleep or whilst I'm knitting. About the only book I can remember reading in the last few months is "The Help", which I read a couple of weeks ago after seeing the movie. It is a good read. But alas, I don't take the time away from my knitting and spinning to read. Some people like to read, some people like to knit, some people like to cook. To each their own preference.

I'm guessing any knitting materials required will be provided for the workshops we'll be attending. I'm only taking two small projects to work on - my sock I started yesterday and the Chrysanthemum mittens.

One more sleep!

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  1. Have a fabulous trip Geri!!!!! I am expecting pics of course :-)