Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Transatlantic Knitting

I have carried knitting aboard every flight I've taken for years except one. Once, while flying out of Tampico, Mexico, I was prevented from taking my dpns in my hand luggage. They were kind enough to retrieve my suitcase so I could stuff my knitting in there.

However, I haven't taken any overseas flights since I started knitting obsessively. I know airline security to the UK can be quite stringent so I spent a good chunk of this morning looking for wooden-tipped 2.25mm circular needles in abandoned UFOs so I could use them with my Chrysanthemum mittens I plan to work on whilst flying.

At long last, I found the circs I was looking for in some Spyrogyra socks (based on this wristwarmer pattern). Huzzah! I quickly transferred the second mitten's cuff to the wood-tipped needles.
I'm going to pack my other knitting project (mock cable sock) in my hand luggage because they've got metal tips and I can't find my equivalent wooden ones - if I even have 2mm wooden-tipped circulars. That red thing is a 'spork' which can sometimes come in handy whilst eating in non-typical eating places.
I got some UK cash from the local money exchange. Marion's bank advised her that the money exchange gives a better exchange rate than the bank.
Did you know that banks charge $3 plus 2.5% on every credit and debit transaction made outside of Canada? That doesn't include the exchange rate OR the fee the bank machine charges where you're using your card. Before you travel, check with your bank and see what their rate is. It might make you a believer in cold, hard cash. And if you do need to get cash from a bank machine, take lots out to make the ATM fee take a smaller percentage of your money.

One more travel tip... contact your bank to let them know when and where you'll be travelling. Unless they know you'll be abroad, they may fail to authorize a purchase when you really need it.

I'm pretty well packed. I just have a couple more things to pop into my suitcase and I'll be on my way.


  1. I'm very excited for you! I used to live in London and find myself homesick for its sights and sounds. I also vacationed near Loch Lomond while I lived there and found it to be enchanting! This was all before I was a knitter, and I regret the missed opportunity to explore yarn shops back then!

    I flew to the UK last September and was not brave enough to bring knitting needles with me, wooden or not. I brought a crochet project and regretted it the whole trip! I shall live vicariously through you!

  2. The exchange thing is absurd. I found out the last time I went to Italy. The teller (one of my customers at the pharmacy I worked at) told me so i could save some $$. Hope you are having fun!