Saturday, 10 September 2011

Chronicles of My UK Knitting Tour

Days 1 and 2 - Aug. 30 - 31, 2011: Toronto to Peebles, Scotland

We left Whitby at 4pm and via the 407, got to YYZ at 5. There was quite a long lineup for check-in but it moved fairly quickly and we were at the counter by about 5:30, then through security and at our gate by 6.

Nearby, we had a light dinner and grabbed some bottled water for our flight. We boarded on schedule at around 8pm and taxied out on the runway shortly after our scheduled departure time of 8:25pm. All of a sudden we smelled jet fuel and just seemed to sit on the tarmac. After 9pm, the pilot came on the PA to say that we had technical difficulty and were going back to the gate for the technicians to try to fix the problem. To make a long story short, we finally got underway at about 10:30 - 2 hours late.

After arriving in Glasgow, we retrieved our luggage and found Janet, our tour guide, who directed us to the bus outside the arrivals area. We met Mike, our driver. We boarded our bus that took us directly to Loch Lomond. This was our first glimpse of the loch.We got on a boat and took a little tour. I loved the heather near the loch shore. This is one of the many islands. It was beautiful from every angle.Anne Featonby was wearing this lovely hat - a Kate Davies design - that we all admired.I was a little numb after the transAtlantic flight so didn't remember the name of this stately manor. It had a little waterfall to its right. After that, we made our way to Peebles for our check-in at the Tontine Hotel. We learned that we could get free wifi at the pub next door. I ordered some kind of ale and using their password we checked our email, planning our return for the next time.

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