Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Day 7 - September 5, 2011


This morning we had an early wake-up for an 8am departure for York. We were being met by Marilyn for a walking tour of the downtown area. First we went to the Minster and walked around part of the massive building.

In one updated area of the downtown, the designer's trademark was cats which we would find in various places around the 'tony' residential district. We then walked by the Shambles, a Medieval street with little shops and then finished the tour at the Quilt Museum. The museum was in an old building that had been refurbished and re-opened within the last 5 years. Marion and I then walked back to the Shambles and split up so we could cover all the spots that interested us respectively.

On our way back to The Shambles, we saw this lovely fruit and vegetable garden beside a sidewalk in a very busy area...
and was surprised to see the sign inviting people to help themselves.
Back at the Shambles, I went into Ramshambles, the local yarn shop, where they proudly displayed a photo of Casey and Jess from Ravelry With Ysolda Teague. In an artist's supply shop, I found this cute cross-stitch cushion kit which made me think of my fibre'y friend, Mo, who would have LOVED everything about our tour.For lunch I stopped into The Cornish Pasty Bakery, home of Award Winning Cornish Pasties and had a pork and apple pasty for lunch.After lunch, I walked over to the Minster so I could take a tour. I took a ton of photos but can't
decide which ones to post so encourage any readers to 'google' it and get photos and descriptions for themselves. Here are just a few that demonstrate the enormity of the Minster from the inside.There is a 5-year, £19 million conservancy project underway. Here are the stages in recarving stones that are damaged beyond repair. There is a team of 24 stone carvers and apprentices that are constantly working to maintain the Minster.I found it interesting that on stones that are too eroded to determine the original details, the stone carvers recreate them based on their own research.

In the gift shop I saw this adorable guy, Goswald of Graveney St. George gargoyle (knitted) by Georgina Manvell, and the pattern on display and made note of the URL for the pattern.Walking back to our meeting point outside the walls, I noted this floral display encouraging us to participate in 30 minutes of physical activity a day.Our meeting place was at the war memorial where I saw Vivian working contentedly on her socks whilst waiting for the others of our group.I thought it amusing for the need for this sign to be posted in the war memorial park enclosure.

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