Tuesday, 20 September 2011

We Now Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Blogging

Since returning home from the UK knitting tour, I've been recovering from the frenetic pace we maintained and the jet lag. The first few nights, I went to bed early and would wake up at 4:30am. A couple of times I powered up my computer to find that Marion was also up at that time of the morning. Then, my sore throat started and a full-blown cold was underway. I'm mostly recovered now except for the lingering chest congestion which will likely go on for another week or so.

I haven't been doing a lot of knitting. I've been having trouble finding new projects to start. I either have the pattern in mind but not the yarn on hand, or some lovely yarn to knit with and not a pattern in mind.

I started Mizzle using some autumnal coloured Socks That Rocks yarn and on about row 56 of 100. My knitterly friend, Jennifer had knit a beautiful Mizzle using Malabrigo sock yarn and it fit the criteria I wanted: lacey, semi-sircular, appropriate for social knitting.

Here are a couple of pics of my Chrysanthemum mittens that I finished on the tour.

And in the spirit of tackling some UFOs, I blocked my Cassidy this evening in hopes that I'll get it assembled and the collar and button bands knit and the buttons selected and attached before the end of the weekend.

Only one front? I blocked the other one last January before leaving for FL. It's ready to go.  I liked how easy the waist shaping was to do. I ran the blocking wires down ribbing at the armholes and then pinned out the sides from there.

Cassidy is a great cabled cardigan to knit and would make a good first cabled project. The two cable patterns are 4 and 6 rows respectively - multiples of 12. To keep things straight, I graphed the 12-row pattern of the fronts and the back and knit from them. It made things very easy and after a short while, I was able to knit the pattern without even having to look at the graph. Once the patterns get established, one's eyes get used to the 'look' of the cables. The knitting of this sweater went very quickly. Time to get it finished up!


  1. I, too, am just recovering from a nasty cold. I swear I got it from that toddler who was running up and down the aisles on the flight home. His mom had no control and didn't know how to soothe or entertain him, so to save my sanity, I occasionally distracted him. Silly me. Hope you're better soon.

  2. I love those mittens Geri!

    Tell Marion that she has inspired me to sign up for a watercolour class at the Milton Arts Centre - only 3 have signed up - they need 5 to make the class a go - watercolours anyone?