Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Skip and I hopped on a Porter Airlines flight to Moncton a week ago Monday. My ultimate destination was St. Andrews-By-The-Sea, NB and KnitEast but figured we could go out a few days early and visit with some of my New Brunswick cousins.

Our first stop was at my cousin Gerry's place in Moncton. Her dad, Willie, was my grandmother's brother - so she's my mother's first cousin. We were both named after my grandmother, Geraldine.
 Gerry's daughter, Anne, took us to her amazing trailer on the Richibucto River. It is SO cute! And so cozy.
Inside, it hardly looks like a trailer. Anne gutted it and installed tongue and groove pine and whitewashed a couple of the walls.
In the other direction, I'm up in the loft.

A loft? In a trailer?

It's just high enough to be able to sit on the bed and have a few inches clearance from the ceiling. There are windows all around up there. Anne can see the river while lying in bed. The little electric fireplace in the corner was purchased on sale at Canadian Tire and the top cut down to fit in the space.

Looking down from the loft, this is the view. I love the pine floors and the porcelain tile on the kitchen floor.
Anne then took us out on her pontoon boat for a little cruise of the river.
It was a lovely day in the sunshine - a rare commodity this summer in the Atlantic provinces.

The next morning we headed eastward to Shediac, on the way to visit my cousin Marilyn.
The huge lobster sculpture is the trademark of the town.
We stayed with Marilyn and Bill that night. Cousin Linda (Marilyn's sister) dropped in on her way to run some errands. Marilyn and Linda's grandmother, Emma, was my grandmother's sister and my mother's aunt. Their father was Emma's son, Don.
Marilyn, Linda and Geri
The next night we stayed at Linda's place in Sackville and visited with Cousin Niecie before our drive to St. Andrews. On the way, we stopped into Hopewell Cape. We had inquired ahead of time about when the tide would be at its lowest. There is a 3 hour window each way when one can get a good view of the bottom of the ocean. This is looking southward into the Bay of Fundy at the Lower Cape at low tide. The Bay is known for its highest range of tide of any body of water in the world.
A kilometre or so north are the Hopewell Rocks.This is the view of the rocks and the ocean floor from above.
We then ventured down the stairs to the floor of the bay.
looking south
looking north


After KnitEast in St. Andrews (which will get a blog post all of its own and fast-forward two days), we drove up to Fredericton to visit my cousins Janet and Bruce and Bruce's family. Janet and Bruce's mother was my mother's first cousin and one of Emma's daughters. Confused?

Of all my cousins, Janet reminds me the most of my grandmother.
Here's Bruce with his daughter, Katie and grandson, Sam.

It was a whirlwind visit to New Brunswick but a wonderful opportunity to see so many of my cousins.

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  1. Wow..another fantastic trip Geri!
    I can't wait for your next blgopost (and can't wait for your Rhinebeck story too)!!!