Monday, 10 October 2011

Hand Dyed, Handspun

Back in July, I hand-painted some merino superwash pencil roving.
I've been spinning it for what feels like eons. I've been trying to get the single to be very thin so when I chain-ply (Navajo ply) it, it'll be fingering weight.

Tonight*, I finally finished plying it. 482 yd, 110g. I think I achieved fingering weight!
Now, what to make with it....

* Some of my spinning friends have determined Monday night to be spinning night and tonight was the first night at Coffee Culture on Dundas St. in Whitby, one block west of Thickson on the south side. We hope to meet there regularly on Mondays from 7 - 9pm. Wheel spinners, drop spindlers and knitters are most welcome to attend!


  1. So wish I could come to your spinning nights but it's too dang far :-(
    Your handspun just keeps getting better and better Geri!