Thursday, 13 October 2011

It's Rhinebeck Eve!

Tomorrow, very early, Mo and I will depart for the Hudson Valley and the New York Sheep and Wool Festival at Rhinebeck, NY. The festival with all the vendors doesn't actually start 'til Saturday but there's only 'one more sleep' 'til our big road trip. In fact, classes started today and there's one I want to take tomorrow (tvaandsstickning) but we won't be there in time. Maybe some other year.Link
I'm looking forward to the fall colour tour;
NY Sheep & Wool Festival - Duchess Cty Fairgrounds 2007
hangin' with one of my BFFs (best fibre friends); knitting in the car (when I'm not taking my turn driving); meeting up with my Rowdy Girl friend, MaryAnne for our lamb chili lunch served by the 4H kids; the Ravelry meet-up where I hope to see many famous 'kniterati'; poking around the delightful village of Rhinebeck; and knitting and spinning when we're not shopping for fibrey things.

I hope to take lots of photos when I'm not squealing about some amazing thing or other.

Stay tuned...


  1. Please take pics of fleece too if you can :-)
    I would love to learn tvaandsstickning too. I think I'll buy the book about it.
    I hope you guys don't get rained out!

  2. One day I will get there. It's a bit ridiculous considering how close it is, but I have never been....