Thursday, 27 October 2011

One Down, Three To Go

I finished Sock 1 of 4 this evening at Knit Night.

I had Skip try it on when I got home and it's too long so I'm going to rip the toe back to 1/2" before the toe decreases and reknit the toe.

I have cast on Sock 2 and hope to complete it by Sunday. I miss my other knitting but I really do want to get these socks done. I may sneak in some rows of the Kidsilk Haze Stripe scarf to break up the monotony.

I had lunch today with my tea house knitting group. We used to meet every week but circumstances have changed so that we really can only get together once a month now. We have lots to catch up on when we do get together.

After I left the tea house, I went to the new public library and spent about an hour looking at their collection of knitting books and goofing off on the Internet (as if I couldn't do that at home - duh). I love visiting libraries. I can spend hours in them just like when I visit a bookstore. Now if I only had time to peruse them ...

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