Monday, 17 October 2011

Whitby Spinners!

We had four people at our spinning group tonight! Yay! It was so fun sitting and spinning. Julia has a lovely new Majacraft Little Gem and is having great success getting her singles to be so thin!


Diane is trying out various wheels before deciding which one to buy. She's tried a couple of wheels and now has a Schacht Ladybug for a couple of weeks.

Did you know you can rent-to-own spinning wheels? Lettuce Knit has a few you can try out before buying one and they apply the rental fee towards your purchase! What a great idea.

Jennifer brought her lovely Golding spindle and got a lot of her roving spun.

Next week, I'll be demonstrating Navajo-plying (chain-plying). I certainly do not consider myself an expert spinner at all but don't mind sharing what little knowledge I have. Hopefully Mo will be able to join us, too.

Wanna join us? Just show up next Monday at Coffee Culture in Whitby on Dundas St. (Hwy 2) one block west of Thickson at 7pm.

Next episode, I'll report on the 2011 New York Sheep and Wool Festival.

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