Saturday, 19 November 2011

Knitting With Berroco

This morning Marion, Elaine and I went to Threadworks, a touring, juried textile arts exhibition at the Whitby Station Gallery. The theme was trees. It will be there until December 4. It was a very interesting exhibition. But the fibre arts exhibit we went to in Oshawa a couple of weeks ago was more impressive.

We then went for lunch at Go For Thai at Dundas St. and Glen Hill Dr. (in the same plaza as the Coffee Culture at which we spin on Monday nights). The meals were tasty and the servings were large. All three of us took home leftovers.

Then we decided to drop in at Kniterary as neither Marion or Elaine had been there in a while. I couldn't resist the Berroco Link yarn after I had seen Marion's scarf. 19mm needles (US size 35) are required. Fortunately I already had a set of them at home. The pattern is on the back of the ball band. In an hour, I finished the scarf! (I just needed to tuck the yarn tail in better).
I LOVE the colours of this colourway. The yarn is a loose, 6-stitch i-cord and the resulting scarf, although stocking stitch, looks like gigantic i-cord. Nifty!

I bought some beautiful Berroco Borealis yarn in a multicoloured colourway and spent some time on Ravelry trying to find an appropriate neck-warmer pattern. I had one half-knit before I realized I didn't like it after all.

All this knitting, by the way, was being done while I was watching all 8 hours of Ken Follett's "Pillars of the Earth" DVDs I've borrowed from the library and need to return next week. I've been listening to it on my iPod touch. I'm ready to start CD 14 of 32. It's 47 hours of listening, apparently. When I get sick of listening, I've also borrowed the book and actually read sometimes. I had planned to finish the book/CDs before watching the DVDs but they arrived back at the library last week so I could borrow them. I'm not sure if I'll finish reading and listening to it but I have enjoyed it thus far. But I digress...

I finally decided to do a ribbed Moebius inspired by the Rib Stitch Chunky Moebius on Ravelry. I was too cheap I didn't want to buy the pattern so I thought I'd refer to the Cat Bordhi video on YouTube for the cast-on and design one myself. I wasn't quite sure how many stitches to cast on and remembered I have her "A Treasury of Magical Knitting" book in my library. Sure enough, on page 20 there's a chart that indicates the number of stitches to cast on based on the gauge.

I knit one round and then began the 1 x 1 ribbing.

After about 10 rounds, I decided I didn't like the ridge in the centre formed by that one pesky round of knitted stitches so tomorrow I'm going to frog it, cast on again and start right away with the 1 x 1 ribbing.
Pesky ridge of knitted stitches
I think it's going to look very spiffy once done. It should also be quite stretchy.
Desired result

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  1. Looks like you're back into the swing of things Geri. I'm glad that you feel better :-)