Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Always Learning Something...

I finished the Christmas stocking.
I had to modify the nose and outline the pom pom, hat and beard with half a stitch of grey. I also cross-stitched Jon's name on it because it looked a lot better than my attempts at duplicate stitching the lettering.

The jogless stripe for the toe worked out really well. It is SO easy to do. Just knit the first round of the new colour and then slip the first stitch of the second round and continue knitting. Slipping the stitch pulls it up to the second row and just evens things out. Isn't that nifty?
I continue to work on the second half of the capybara scarf. The straight stocking stitch is going quickly. I'll probably get it done in the next few days.

Also, on the weekend Stephanie and I learned how to post one of her patterns on Ravelry. I have a couple that I want to get written up to share as well.

Next on my project list are a cable and lace cardigan using reclaimed worsted weight cotton/nylon blend yarn and a cable sock of my own design.


  1. Very nifty! I have been struggling with a provisional cast on. I think I finally have it licked. Why did I use a new kind of provisional CO? Why not?! I'm still not sure why I do this kind of thing to

  2. Carol, I really like Lucy Neatby's provisional cast on posted on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3J-sUx_whE

    Check it out!