Friday, 9 December 2011

Being Multicraftual

I like to do lots of crafty things. Of course, my favourite of all is knitting but I also enjoy cross-stitching, needlepoint, I dabble in crocheting and drawing pysanky (Ukrainian Easter eggs). I also can sew. I don't do a lot of sewing but have done some quilt piecing and machine quilting. My sewing machine is a very basic White which I purchased used in 1973 and have only had to have it repaired once in all that time. It sews forward, in reverse and has a zigzag feature. It weighs a ton. I think it's because it's made of cast iron or some other very heavy metal. I does what I need it to do - the little sewing that I ever do now.

Last week at my Thursday night knitting group, one of the participants had a lovely Lantern Moon project bag. It was silk taffeta and I really liked the look of it. I figured I could certainly make project bags with a nice, shiny fabric, too.  So yesterday I headed to the fabric store and bought some black and white, music-themed cotton fabric and some red taffeta fabric.

I wanted to make drawstring bags that were completely reversible.

I figured I'd find a pattern somewhere on the Internet and found this one that had a good explanation of how to do a lined bag in such a way that it can be reversible. I didn't necessarily need mine to have a flat bottom or a gusset. I even had the right colours of thread in my sewing box!  A couple of hours later I had two done.
And reversed...

If I make more, (I bought enough fabric to make several more), I will make them with little gussets so they'll have a flat bottom and will stand up easily like this. Hmm, an unlined one would make great wine bottle bags for the festive season. (making mental note of this...)

After I finished the bags, I took a closer look at the printed fabric. It looks like they just printed a piano keyboard over the music staves. It looks a bit confusing but OK in small doses.
On closer inspection, I realized the music is actually the notes for "The Last Post" which is played on Remembrance Day. I wonder how it was decided to pick that particular piece of music - one played on solo bugle - to accompany a printed piano keyboard? Could the fabric company not have selected a public domain piano work by Chopin, Liszt or Beethoven? Just a little something that made me go, 'hmmmmm'.


  1. They would be a cute idea for take along knit projects too Geri :-)
    Happy sewing!

  2. I've been thinking about making project bags too! I had this tutorial bookmarked: