Friday, 13 January 2012


Frigga is the name of the Norse goddess for whom Friday is named. Triskadekaphobia is the fear of the number 13. So Friggatriskadekaphobia is the fear of Friday the 13th.

I normally do not suffer from this affliction, however, today had a few no good very bad elements.

Element The First: It was snowing and blowing when I got up this morning.

Element The Second: I had a flat tire on my car. I apparently drove on it enough yesterday and last night that the tire began shredding on the inside and this morning had to call the CAA (Canadian version of the AAA for you US inhabitants) to come and fill or change my tire so I could get it to the garage and get the problem diagnosed and if possible, fixed.

In spite of the crappy weather and innumerable accidents that were occurring this morning, the cheerful CAA guy showed up within 15 minutes of my call. I only got half of the driveway shovelled before his arrival (See Element The First above).

He filled my tire, claimed it was holding air and left. I put the snow shovel away, grabbed my purse and knitting, hopped in the car and headed to Canadian Tire for the diagnosis.

Element the Third: The tire was indeed shredded and Crap Canadian Tire doesn't carry the brand of tires on the other three wheels so the cute, petite mechanic, Avalon, who has pink hair,  put my spare tire on and tossed the rim in my trunk. She waved goodbye as I drove off to the tire store where I was sure I could get the replacement tire.

Lesson learned? Don't buy a car with aluminum (aluminium for my UK readers) rims.  Once they oxidize - and they will - you will never get a good seal between it and the tire. I have had no end of problems as a result of this. Buy a car with steel rims or find some at a wrecker's yard.  But I digress.

I got the tire ordered but it won't be in 'til next Tuesday and won't be installed 'til Wednesday so I will be driving around on a spare tire that doesn't get good traction (front passenger side on a front-wheel drive car) in slippery, icy, snowy conditions. (sigh)

After running my errands, I headed home to update Skip on how my day was going so far. Whilst reading a Future Shop flyer, I noted the Nokia C3 mobile phone they were selling listed Wifi as a feature. What???? I have one of those phones and never even noticed that I could have Wifi access to the internet with it. Of course, I immediately tried to access the internet and failed which brings me to...

Element the Fourth: I called the people who sold me my phone and with whom I have mobile phone service. They tried to help me as much as they could and I was able to get connected but unable to get service. I called my Internet service people and she got me connected and with service. However, when I backed out and tried to access it again (after having hung up, of course) I could no longer get service. So I called my ISP again and Luis did all he could, including changing my security system and security code on my modem/router and we concluded that it was indeed a setting problem with the phone, not the Internet service. Luis suggested I call the Nokia customer support. So I called Miguel in the Philippines and he took me right back to removing the SIM card and battery from my phone and going back to the factory settings for the phone (but not deleting my contacts, etc.).  And miracle of miracles, I was finally able to get Wifi!  Yay! I thanked Miguel profusely and started playing with my phone.

Unfortunately, Nokia doesn't have a Skype app, nor some of my other favourite apps, but at least now I know I can access the internet with my phone if I'm in a wifi zone (and don't have my iPod Touch with me).

I don't usually have a day when a lot of stuff goes wrong but then I realized IT IS FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH!!! It all makes sense now.

So today I guess I had a touch of Friggatriskadekaphobia or shall I say F@#$$atriskadekaphobia.  It will be interesting to see what happens on the two other Friday the Thirteenths this year - in April and July.

The day wasn't a complete loss, though. I got about 6 rows knit on my Sheep Heid.


  1. That's a heck of a day.... and a good lesson for me about aluminum rims! I'm glad you made it home safe and sound and that you got your phone working.

    The worst that happened to me was that I wiped out spectacularly on the ice, but at least the built-in cushioning I happen to have saved me!

  2. When I bought my car (used) it had aluminum rims. I hate them. However I am making do. Costly you know....I also recommend NEVER going to Crappy Tire. I and several of my acquaintances have had nothing but bad service and/or outright rip offs from them