Friday, 6 January 2012

QR Codes

Yesterday I bought a deeply discounted (1/3 off) Blackberry Playbook at Staples. When I got it home, I discovered it couldn't do a couple of things I really wanted it to be able to do on it. The Blackberry people are WAY behind with developing apps. One app they don't have is Skype. There is a circuitous way to get it through but even with that, I was unable to do Skype calling to landlines with my monthly plan. The other app not yet available is the Google Search app with voice recognition.

I returned it today for a full refund and discovered overnight that they increased the price 50% to bring it back up to its pre-discount price. It would have been an amazing deal had it done what I needed it to.

I will either purchase the cheapest iPhone (1st generation) I can get or a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 at a deep discount (if I can find it). Altho' the Samsung isn't an Apple product, it does have the highly regarded Android system and the nice people @ Android have been working very hard to develop apps for their products.

All that being said, I did discover a couple of cool things on the Playbook. Yesterday I downloaded an app to read QR codes, those funny black and white square codes one sees more and more. With any smart device and the QR download, it only takes a second or two to scan a QR code to get the information.

Last night at knitting, Mo and I were talking about them and today she sent me a Ravelry message about a knitter who has designed a square with a QR pattern on it. And it's even scannable (I hope that's a word).

So I found the QR creator online and made a code for this blog.

I think I'm going to graph it. Now what should I knit with it? Another idea, I could print it onto transfer paper and iron it onto some fabric and make something with the printed fabric.

Maybe I just have too much spare time on my hands...


  1. yikes - QR codes are beyond me at this point... I'm going to stick with knitting and learning to spin... please keep us posted as you venture forward and onward!!! Hurrah!!

  2. DH received a Blackberry Playbook for Christmas and he loves it. My son is a Network Engineer and he also has a Blackberry Playbook and cellphone.
    That code could make an interesting mitten pattern :-)