Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Sheep Heid is Done!

I finished Sheep Heid last night. Kate's charts were easy to read. She also put the yarn numbers on the right side of the chart for the crown so it was easy to keep straight the 9 natural colours of the Shetland Supreme yarn.

I blocked it with a dinner plate inside so it would be more tam-like than beanie-like.
I have a small head so there is quite a drape to the tam.
 This photo shows the truest colours.
Those sheep are SO darned cute!
The yarn bloomed beautifully after its warm, soapy bath before blocking. It's still a bit scratchy, though. Wouldn't it look amazing in several natural shades of alpaca?


  1. Yes it would be great in Alpaca. Gotgeous hat Geri...too bad you don't need it for your trip though eh!