Friday, 17 February 2012

Quilts and More

Yesterday, I picked up a 'simple, fresh & fun' publication called "Quilts and More" - a Better Homes and Gardens publication.

It had lots of easy, achievable patterns for projects. One in particular that intrigued me was a 2-in-1 Reversible Quilt designed by Kate Spain.

Basically, each side of the quilt is pieced and then they're quilted together. This particular project uses the same pattern on both sides, just different colourways on each side. Each side can be created with one 26-piece strip pack or 'jelly roll' (2 1/2" x 42" precut strips or equivalent) alternating with solid white strips.

There are so many things that could be done with this idea - same colourways on both sides with contrasting patterns, sampler on one side and strips on the other, etc. etc.

I also did some stash-building at the discount department store that had a large fabric department. Most of the fabrics were on clearance for between $2 - $4 per yard. I bought 1/2 yd. of each (mostly).

These 4 fabrics would work together.
Of course, I couldn't resist these purples and blues.

These 4 might also work together.
I just thought this was cute.
And I grabbed a yard of this kitty cat fabric for Mo.
Next up - a variety of projects that I'm planning to make...  Stay tuned...

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