Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Back Home

Skip and I got home yesterday after a 3400km (2125 mi) drive from south Texas. We're not people who like to drive for 12 hours a day. We're more like the 7 - 8 hour per day people. As a result, we just can't seem to make the trip in only 4 days. Oh well. We're home now and that is good. We had fantastic weather for the entire drive home. We kept our eye on the weather systems that were going through, particularly the violent one that had tornadoes touch down in IN and TN. But they were well north or east of us. I'll outline some of our escapades in another post.

Since returning home, I've tried out my new Woolee Winder which I had delivered to me in TX and I really do believe it will speed up my efficiency. I did spend quite a bit of time shifting the single to different hooks to wind the bobbin evenly and now I just spin and spin and spin. My spinning group continued on in my absence on Monday nights and we have lots of upcoming events we're planning for including a couple of spin-ins and perhaps even an overnight or weekend retreat!

I've also been doing a wee bit of sewing. I've been doing quite a bit of stash-building and thought it was time to actually make something! I was intrigued by this tutorial for an earbud case. I did it exactly as per the instructions.

My top stitching is a little wobbly. I had to pick out the first attempt and try it again.

I think I will make future ones a little bit bigger - perhaps another 1/2 inch bigger.
I like the music print I used for the lining.  It's just random notes.
I used the thinnest batting I had but it was still pretty puffy. However, I think it will protect the earbuds. A little zipper case like this could be used for lots of things - stitch markers, loose change, flash drives, dental floss, gym ID card, etc.

It's an easy, peasy project. I see a few more in my future.

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  1. Welcome home Geri :-)
    You made it in time for the nice weather too!